What We’re About

Why AfriDMindz?

AfriDMindz or African Diaspora Minds seeks to play our part in unifying and strengthening our global African communities – culturally, economically, mentally, spiritually, physically, etc.  We are one people regardless of where we are in this world.  We must unify as one to not only survive, but thrive in a world in which we unapologetically give our gifts, talents, intelligence, and cultural expressions despite the fact that it does not give back to us equally.

We respect  and celebrate the multiple cultures of our global African communities.  We come in many different shades, shapes, sizes, religions, cultural traditions, spirituality, genetic variations, etc.  It is these differences that make us so amazingly unique and a force to be reckoned with. However, we must overcome the effects of hundreds of years of oppression that we have faced and still continue to face to thrive.

The areas listed below in which we must heal are not new. We just seek to give and play our part in the global awakening that is happening by offering resources and programs.  We look forward to you joining us!


Self Reliance

For the African people, whether living within the continent or scattered across the diaspora, self-reliance embodies more than just independence—it’s a powerful testament to resilience, legacy, and the indomitable spirit of a culture that has thrived against all odds.  Self reliance is key to our survival and our ability to thrive both individually and collectively. 

 Financial Literacy

Financial literacy stands as one of the most crucial life skills. It is more than just understanding numbers—it’s about making informed choices, fostering economic independence, and laying the groundwork for generational wealth and financial well-being.  It is up to us to learn how to handle our personal and business finances as well as the different types of investments available.  Educating ourselves about money and investments will help us to not only be better stewards of our own money, but also how to invest in building Mother Africa and our global African communities.  

Careers & Making Money

The topic that remains at the top of just about everyone’s mind is how to make money.  The career you choose whether a corporate career, a trade or entrepreneurship affects your lifestyle, and your ability to be financially independent. By aligning our professions with our passion and communal needs, we not only ensure our individual financial independence but also contribute to a self-reliant and prosperous Africa.

Food Security- “Grow Your Groceries”

In times when food shelves are empty at times (well at least in the West), food security is extremely important.  Especially when the food is unhealthy, full of preservatives, pesticides, and chemicals.  For the Africans on the continent and the diaspora (except the West) food security is just as important and can also be used to create income through business.  Let’s achieve self-reliance both individually and as a group by growing our groceries. 

Cultural Unity & Education

Embracing and celebrating the differences within our global African communities helps to bring us together and strengthens us as African people. By cherishing each distinct thread, while recognizing the shared experiences and values that bind them, we foster a sense of collective identity and solidarity. This unity, rooted in appreciation and mutual respect, not only safeguards our rich heritage but also empowers the global African community to thrive, innovate, and inspire, unified in diversity and strengthened by shared purpose.


The shadows of colonialism, oppression, and slavery linger long after their tangible chains have been broken, often manifesting in the psyche and influencing perceptions of self-worth, potential, and identity. For true self-reliance to be achieved, it is imperative to embark on a journey of healing from these traumas and current trauma that is still occurring on the Motherland and in the West due to neocolonialism and racism. Healing includes actively dismantling the colonial mindset, and understanding how the generational trauma affects you and your family.

Expat Journey

For those who live in the Western countries, or global north, getting away from the oppression in these countries and starting a new life abroad is becoming more desirable everyday.  Let’s talk about your options to visiting or even living in the Motherland. We discuss relocating to other countries as well. 


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