Our Story


To unify our global African communities to celebrate our African heritage, encourage appreciation of our respective cultures, and foster self-reliance and business development through global interaction.


  • Unify the African Diaspora community to support each other personally, financially, and professionally through business and trade.
  • Encourage self-reliance by using our gifts and talents to create an income independent of or in addition to a job through entrepreneurship or a profitable side hustle. 
  • Celebrate and embrace our heritage and the numerous wonderful cultures within the diaspora through education.
  • Building generational wealth through financial literacy.

So what does this mean for you?

It means we teach you how to start a business or side hustle by first identifying your gifts, and then monetizing your gifts and talents so that you can achieve financial independence and live life on your terms–self-reliance. 

We can also help you improve your personal and business finances by improving your financial literacy.  If you are looking to become an expat or digital nomad and travel the world, we can help educate you about that too.  Finally, we do this via an active community in which you will connect and do business with African brothers and sisters from across the diaspora.



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